The youngest ones are always happy every time they visit us. The most popular toys, fashion clothes and footwear, children's room equipment, everything for school and fun … an offer that never bores them!

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Equip your children's room and expect a new family member with carefully selected products of proven quality, dress and shoe him with the most attractive children's collections, and delight even the most sensitive and gentle buttocks with a quality selection of children's cosmetics and baby programmes. Let the children's laughter spread every time you visit the shopping center!

A rich offer of children's brands with a guarantee of quality

One, two, three, ten … Pikapolonica fulfills the wishes of children of all ages! Furnish your children's room, provide hours of happiness with a fun swing or a comfortable car seat, and find the most beautiful gifts in the rich offer of toys. From the biggest sales hits to didactic toys and games that stimulate children's curiosity and imagination - Pikapolonica is the right address when you are looking for the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, birth or christening. You will delight every new mum with the rich range of practical accessories, cosmetics and care products. In the store offer you will also find colourful fashion clothes, footwear and fashion accessories, as well as many accessories for the development of children's competencies.

In addition to specialized children's stores, Supernova Maribor also provides a rich children's offer in other stores. Cute children's departments are a real paradise for the joy of the youngest ones. Here you will find accessories for creating, books and picture books, everything for school, even more fashionable clothes and shoes, children's cosmetics and quality healthy food for the energy of the youngest.

Fulfill all children's wishes at Supernova Qlandia Maribor

We can’t resist, baby joy is really something special! That is why Supernova Maribor always makes sure that you find the latest trends and the most popular children's products in its stores. We believe that you will make everyone happy - a newborn and a baby who is just getting to know the world, a naughty toddler who is happy to explore and discover new talents, and of course an older child who enthusiastically goes to school and discovers the magic of growing up. Supernova Maribor brings immense joy and sparkling happiness to the children's world with a wide range of toys, children's fashion, children's equipment and many accessories, teaching aids and exceptional products for perfect growing up, fun and children's development.